ADT Monitored Home Security System Equipment

Choosing an ADT wireless home security system means that you have a security system that blends perfectly into your life. The less obtrusive a system is, the more likely it is to be consistently used, thereby ensuring its effectiveness. After all, an unarmed system is not protecting anything.

ADT, the leading home security company in America, brings you the best in technology. Their monitored wireless security system is both easy to use and sturdy. No one does it better than ADT.

What You Get with Your ADT Monitored Wireless Security System

Wireless Door and Window Sensors

Your ADT monitored wireless security system comes equipped with sensors for the doors and windows in your home, and is even expandable. These sensors alert you to doors or windows that are open. It is recommended to put extra sensors on ground-level doors and windows, and those that hidden from site or easily accessed by trees.

Infrared Motion Detector

Your ADT monitored system comes with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor. It detects any movement in hallways, stairways or inside rooms that are armed. During your home security setup, be sure to inform your installer of any pets you have, so he can properly configure the sensors to not give off false alarms from their movements.

Security Alarm Siren

Wireless home security from ADT always includes a security alarm siren. Its high-decibel tone scares off potential thieves and warns you of imminent danger.

Digital Touchpad

The digital touchpad is the piece of equipment you will use most often. Installed in a location that is convenient for you, this user-friendly touchpad puts access to ADT command centers at your fingertips. While a one-touch access digital keypad is standard, you can ask the installer about upgrading to the SafePass® Touchpad, which offers even more options, during your ADT setup.

Wireless Keychain Remote

Convenience and ease of use are two of the hallmarks of the ADT wireless home security system. The standard wireless keychain remote enables you to arm and disarm your system from practically anywhere in your home or garage, by simply touching the button on your keychain remote.

ADT Home Security Window Decals and Yard Sign

Standard ADT equipment includes signage for your window and yard to let the bad guys know that your home is protected. The ADT logo is an effective deterrent.

Power Supply including a 24-Hour Battery

Your home security equipment includes a high-capacity battery. This means that even if your home is without power, you still have wireless home security coverage.

Professional Installation

We have a network of certified, trained professional installers throughout the country to take care of installation of your security system equipment, quickly and efficiently.

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