Understanding How ADT Home Monitoring Keeps YOU Safe

This is what one of our customers has to say:

Having an ADT home monitoring system has changed how we live. Our family has a much greater sense of well-being now that we have ADT. We know that our home is being carefully watched, when we are at home and when we are not. We feel much safer and more protected.

When we initially called to get more information about ADT, we were given a variety of different options to choose from. We were relieved to see that there was flexibility in the cost of home monitoring. Installation went very smoothly. Even the instructions we were given for set-up were easy to follow. Once everything was up and running, we just needed to remember the access code. The system is practically self-explanatory. It feels great to know that ADT has everything under control.

Top 5 Reasons We Think ADT Home Monitoring is a Great Choice

Hands down, ADT is one of the best investments we have ever made for keeping our family and home safe. We love the peace of mind it brings. The top 5 advantages we see are:

Burglary Protection

Several burglaries in our neighborhood were what prompted me to go online and look for a solution. When we spoke to a trained security expert, he informed us that wireless security, motion sensors around our house and sensors on all doors and windows were the way to go. Those measures, along with 24 hour ADT monitoring, would be a deterrent to burglars. So far, so good! No one has tried to enter our home.

ADT keeps an eye on our home, whether we are there or not. If they detect an attempted burglary, they immediately contact the local police. Even though home monitoring systems do not physically stop a burglar, criminals are much more likely to reconsider their actions or get caught if they do try to break in to an ADT protected home.

24/7 Surveillance

One of the many options ADT gives you is camera surveillance. This gives the monitoring team extra help because they can see exactly what is going on in and around your house. We chose to go with 2 cameras each, in the front and back entrance areas of our home. That way anyone approaching our house is easily seen. It’s added protection. We love having different options to choose from so we can decide for ourselves what is a good fit and what is just a little too over the top.

Injury monitoring can be done with the addition of an interior camera. While our ADT system only has outdoor cameras, we have the option of adding indoor ones. Not for everyone, these are very valuable additions to households with elderly individuals, small children or anyone who is physically disabled especially. If an injury occurs, the ADT home monitoring professional can talk to those in the home and dispatch the necessary emergency services to get help there right away. While we don’t need it now, it is comforting to know that it is available for the future if we do.


The thought of fire is scary, but ADT monitoring includes wiring our home’s smoke detectors into their system during installation. What that means is that if the smoke detectors go off, we are awakened and warned, and ADT contacts us too. If it is not a false alarm or if they get no answer, ADT will immediately contact our local fire department. This means our home is protected whether we are there or not. With ADT on the job, we are confident that help will reach our home in time if fire strikes.


The best case scenario is no emergencies. The window decals and lawn sign that come with ADT surveillance systems are a clear deterrent to criminals who are cruising through our neighborhood looking for an easy mark. Many potential intruders are diverted by the signage. This means we have an extra layer of protection.

While ADT will not deter a fire or natural disaster, quick response that comes from quality home monitoring means our home will likely suffer much less damage than someone whose home is not monitored. For us, that type of security is worth the monthly cost of ADT monitoring.

We love the peace of mind that ADT gives us. We know that our home is one of the safest in our neighborhood because of the technology and constant care we get from our home monitoring system. Not long after we got ADT, we noticed that more and more of our neighbors had “ADT Security” signs on their lawns too. Now there is practically no crime in our neighborhood. A happy ending to our home security story!

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