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I feel so much safer knowing that ADT is protecting me and my family. I'm less jumpy and hyper-alert to everything that goes bump in the night. Now we all relax and enjoy our home, confident that ADT will respond quickly if anything bad happens.


-Timanda K.

Thank you, ADT, for providing a system that not only protects my house and everything in it, but saves me a boatload of cash on insurance. And I love using ADT Pulse to keep an eye on things when I'm traveling.


-Sam W.


ADT Delivers Baresville, PA Home Security Systems That Stand Out

When you are concerned about the safety and security of your home and family, Baresville, PA home security systems from ADT are the perfect solution. ADT brings you a legacy of close to 140 years in the business of home security, as well as a commitment to technology and your safety. Its monitored protection is the best in the business. Providing security to over 6 million customers, ADT is the undisputed leader in home security in the nation.

Embrace ADT Home Security Monitoring for Total Peace

ADT home security monitoring is the real deal when it comes to being the best in home security. Their trained professionals monitor your home from one of their 6 monitoring centers, so that your home and family are being taken care of 24/7. For the ADT customer, this means they can count on the fact that if disaster strikes, the right emergency responder will be dispatched right away, so help can reach your home in a timely manner.

Call 1-888-518-0160 and let our security specialists answer your questions.

ADT Pulse: Life-Changing Technology

Having a home security system used to mean that you had to arm it every time you were leaving home or your home would be vulnerable. ADT Pulse technology changes that. Not only can you control your system from a touch screen at home, but you can also control it from your mobile device or computer, with ADT Pulse. You can arm or disarm it, change settings and control various systems in your home with this technology. It is the perfect solution for anyone who forgets on occasion.  Baresville, PA home security systems featuring the ADT Pulse system provide the most trusted protection you can find.

Not only will you be able to turn your home security system on and off, you will be able to monitor systems and change settings and notifications. ADT Pulse even lets you watch when is happening live at your home or view video clips taken by your system.

 ADT Home Automation: For the Home of the Future

Thanks to the technology of ADT Pulse, you can have the most modern house on the block. ADT home automation is achieved by connecting your various home electronics to your ADT Pulse system. That means you can control climate, lighting, security, video cameras and much more from anywhere. No one ever need know that you are away from home.

For Baresville, Pennsylvania home security systems that can be counted on for the best in protection, see what ADT has to offer. Call 1-888-518-0160 now for the details from a trained security specialist.



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