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I feel so much safer knowing that ADT is protecting me and my family. I'm less jumpy and hyper-alert to everything that goes bump in the night. Now we all relax and enjoy our home, confident that ADT will respond quickly if anything bad happens.


-Timanda K.

Thank you, ADT, for providing a system that not only protects my house and everything in it, but saves me a boatload of cash on insurance. And I love using ADT Pulse to keep an eye on things when I'm traveling.


-Sam W.


ADT: The Best Elbert, WV Home Security Systems Option

As you search for the best Elbert, WV home security systems option for you, be sure to take a close look at ADT home security, the leader in home security in the nation. With all the experience that comes with 140 years in the home security business, ADT brings you the complete protection that only comes with monitored security. When you are looking to keep your home, belongings, pets and family safe and secure, look no further than ADT.

ADT Home Security Monitoring Brings Complete Peace of Mind

There is no unmonitored security system on the market that even comes close to the kind of protection you get from ADT home security monitoring. With 24/7 surveillance, you always have someone monitoring what happens in your home. For the homeowner, this means rapid response time in the event of an emergency. When trouble is detected, the trained specialists at one of our 6 monitoring centers will get the appropriate responders out to your home quickly.

Learn more by calling us at 1-888-518-0160.

ADT Pulse Dramatically Improves Options in Elbert, WV Home Security Systems

ADT Pulse is the addition that makes all the difference in the options for Elbert, West Virginia home security systems. This high tech innovation gives you a variety of home security control options:

  • A touchscreen in your home
  • From secure Internet-enabled computers
  • From smartphones and mobile devices

No matter where you are, you can control your system. You get to change settings, create custom notifications and schedule events when you want. You even have the option of watching videos that are live or recorded from your home, with ADT Pulse.

ADT Home Automation Delivers Futuristic Options

You have undoubtedly seen the TV show The Jetsons, where home systems could be controlled by the touch of a button or from a handheld screen. ADT home automation is much like that. With the ADT Pulse technology, you can control a variety of your home's systems from anywhere. You can turn on and off lights, video surveillance and your home security system, as well as controlling the temperature of the house and more. It is ideal for those who are on the go.

ADT Home Security has the options that you need to make sure your home is always perfectly protected.

Don’t delay. Call 1-888-518-0160 now and speak to one of our security specialists to get all the details.



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